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Your Covid Bluegrass Band Name Is

I know, I should be practicing. I did and my fingers hurt, but I’m getting smoother at that Foggy Mountain lick. But as I was hammering on, my mind began to wander to the bright lights of some campground where the bluegrass festival is being held.
Tents and campers were spread out responsibly and the mask stand was doing a bang-up business.
Unfortunately, the boys in the band were not permitted to gang around the microphone and take off their hats for a sacred number, but each did have his individual mic, six feet away from the guitar player, but for some reason they moved the banjo player eight feet away.
Yes, during these uncertain times, the old ways just don’t work. And many of the old bands are having a hard time finding an open venue. What we need is a great old band with a brand new name! Thanks to “Bluegrass Today,” your band can have a new name, too!

Pandemic bluegrass band name: choose one word from column A and one word from column B:


Socially distant

B (traditional):

Mountain Boys

I’m kinda partial to “Earl Scrubbs & the Hand-Washing Drifters.”


I’ll play!
I’ll take socially distanced ramblers!
Socially distanced since had shoulder surgery and am not able to do as much…like play my banjo! Even before surgery I was slowed down, since my dog undercut me when I was wearing socks on a hardwood floor and he knocked my feet out from under me and I landes on my forearm. That was it was apparent something in the shoulder wasnt right. So haven’t been able to play for 3 months! Otherwise my life hasn’t changed much due to covid.
And ramblers cuz I tend to ramble when I tell stories.


One of life’s harder lessons is “Gravity is not our friend.”

I pray for your swift & speedy recovery. Do the rehab exercises & you’ll be grousing about how heavy the banjo is in no time! :grin: