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I came across this Ukraine’s got talent video a couple days ago, the performance starts at about two minutes. Do y’all have a favorite yodeling video? I’m interested to see more and want some direction

Sorry buddy. I got nothing.

Good luck Captain. We’re all counting on you :+1:

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In my youth I loved listening to Jimmy Rogers on the old Black and White mono TV.

Jimmy sang different several versions of this song and used different yodel patterns

This one is for @BanjoBen just to remind him of his home in TEXAS.

Hank Snow & Jimmy Rogers Yodeling Cowboy

Gene Autry

Melanie Oesch The Queen of Yodeling

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BanjoBen should replace his dum di de dum with yodeling…hahahaha

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Those are cool Archie! I definitely prefer alpine style yodeling though

Here is another one you might like Gunnar