Yesterday vs. Today


Wow, yesterday my practice was great, clean and fun.
Today I just seemed to have nothing but spaghetti fingers. So FRUSTRATING! Uhg…


Keep the faith - tomorrow is another opportunity!

I feel similar after an hour of Waypoints practice!


Welcome to the crowd! Happens to everyone.

I’ll usually use those “untalented day” to work out something totally new that I don’t expect myself to play wonderfully, or do some listening and planning out what to work on next.

An off day can be a great day for memorisation of new things or to get some “brain work” in as opposed to finger work.


You are not alone! Monday I was amazing, yesterday I wanted to sell my banjo for firewood, and today pretty good.


That is what I hope to do with waypoint lesson. If I’m not playing well just jump over to the educational side that won’t require anything more than a single finger up the neck and back. Maybe a few basic rolls.


This is a GREAT idea for all our fellow Banjo players. If you hit a wall on some other song or lesson, return to Way Points to practice on the basics!

I like this idea.