Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


To all my American friends, y’all have a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. I’m headed out to Texas today and coming back Saturday to resume the Christmas music :wink:

Where is everyone traveling to? Anyone going far? We’ll be in Dallas for a day and a half then on to the old homeplace near Kilgore for a couple days.


Hope you enjoy some much needed R & R, Ben. Try not to think about this place too much. You deserve a break.

We’re heading up to Wortham, TX to my in-laws’ ranch. Gonna do some 4 wheeler romping, camp fires and s’mores. Maybe some fishing. And my bro-in-law just built a small gun range up there with targets out to 800 yards. Looking forward to trying out my new AR.



Awesome. What AR did you get?


Rock River LAR-15. Just the base model. Got a pinhole sight for it. Need to find a good scope. Suggestions welcome.


Here in Scotland we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in they same way you do. We have a Harvest Festival where we donate food to the church to give out to the elderly and those in need. However I am happy to wish you and your family and all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday and family reunion Ben. I know your a workaholic so forget the emails and the website and be sure you include some rest time.


No traveling here…except next door to my Sister’s for dinner. We are the only two left in the family except her son who won’t be around, so the holidays aren’t real big around here.


Mark, you won’t be too far from us in Wortham. Aim your AR to the NW and you’ll be shooting in our general direction (Cresson). We are staying around home and the in-laws have just landed. We’ll be eating, going to mainstay farm to get a tree and hopefully playing some music at a local nursing home.

You all be safe and have a great Thanksgiving!


I have a Rock River, love it. I don’t know what kind of scope you’re after but I have a couple different red dots that I like. I don’t know what you’re looking to do with yours. I have mine for general use and defense, mainly up close, so I wanted a large objective, low-power red dot.


That’s exactly why I bought mine. Well, that, and in the event of tyrannical government take over, but that just goes without saying. :laughing:


That is a given and a requisite, yes!


Ohh you live there, nice. I want to travel there sometime to Edinburgh. heard it is a beautiful city.


Mats. Edinburgh is the city of my birth and it sure is a beautiful place to visit.


Me and my kids drove from our home in Middle Ga to South GA where I was raised. Kids and I are soing some hunting ( sitting in a deer stand with my 3 yrs old as I type). Wife is coming on Thursday to join us and we are making cane syrup on Friday. My brother and his family are here from Pensacola. I love Thanksgiving!


Archie, my maternal grandmother is of Irish decent but with the surname Gordon, so I’m assuming Scots-Irish somewhere back down the line. I do have family in Ireland and I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh to see the Military Tattoo… Bucket list for me!


Happy Thanksgiving @BanjoBen to you and yours and to all here! We’re staying home here in Virginia, my parents live with us and we’re having a house full of family and friends - 17 in all! Safe travels!!


Bob, Many Scot’s have settled in Northern Ireland and vice versa for centuries, It’s close proximity to the Galloway coastline makes it a natural route to the UK mainland. I too have Irish ancestry on my mothers side dating back to the great famine in the 1800s when a mass migration took place and entire families became displaced all over Scotland, England and Wales.

Without the Irish Britain would not be country of wealth and commerce it is today. The Irish built our roads, railway and canal system. They worked in our ports and on ships bringing food and raw materials to our shores, They worked in our factories, mills, mines and on the land for very little pay and helped swell the ranks of our Army, Navy and Air force. Like the Scot’s they are a proud people.


Archie, indeed…Great info, thanks! I believe you about the Irish swelling the military ranks as that’s just what my great-great grandfather Thomas Patrick Gordon did! I have a copy of his military records, he served in the King’s Royal Horse Artillery in Woolich, England and was promoted just twice in 20 years back then!

Interesting enough, my mother tells me he was adopted so that throws another kink in my ancestry research. Now I don’t know if Gordon was his birth name or adopted name. Either way, Scots-Irish works for me!

Believe it or not, I also have a bagpipe practice chanter that I need to dust off. Love the pipes!


Very Thankful for you being a great instructor. My picking hand position is revolutionized.


Safe travels, and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. God bless.


Yeah! Everyone have a happy blessed and thankful thanksgiving!