WW2 Banjo


Whilst carrying out some research of my late Uncle Archie who was a POW in 1940. I stumbled on this interesting photo of a World War 2 banjo. The various inscriptions in the finger board and head appear to suggest this banjo was in lot’s of battle zones in Greece and Italy. It bears the name D Day Dodgers. The title of a WW2 song.

The emblem on the head of a circle with the top left quadrant cut away was that of the 4th Division part of the 8th Army North Africa - Desert Rats, Greece and Italy in WW2.

I served with this regiment from 1968 - 1971 in Herford Germany by then the regiment had been retitled 4th Division HQ and Signal Regiment.

Needless to say I sang this song many times during my nine years service with the Royal Corps of Signals albeit with different lyrics



Pete Seeger sings The D Day Dodgers


Is the melody taken from another popular old song? My dad played the melody A lot on accordion and organ as well as The Old Lamplighter. He never sang any words ever.


Hi John

Yes the song was made famous by Marlene Dietrich, no surprise your father never sang the words they were originally in German.