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Wreck of the Old 97 help

Is it just me or is the timing somewhat difficult on this one? I seemed to have learned the whole tab but getting the timing down is hard compared to the other build a breaks which I had no trouble on. Thanks!

Have you tried playing along with the .tef file?

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I just started learning this song too. I like it but I am not very good at it yet. In fact, I am struggling too.

Just keep practicing…

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I definitely second this. I’ve been known to start with the TEF file playing at 20% speed, then gradually increase it by 5% increments once I can play the song through 3 times in a row without making a mistake.


Thanks for the help! I have been using tef file now and it has helped a lot. I think I just needed to slow it down more.

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I must try it. I can use TEFView on my iPad, yes? I have little to no experience with it. :pensive:

Yep, they have an app in the store.

Ben, isn’t there a free and pay version?

Perhaps another topic but if there is a pay version, do you recommend it? What Features are enhanced?

There’s a free reader called TEFView that you can use to play the files I provide. If you want to edit and create your own, you will need to purchase a copy of TablEdit like I have.

That sounds so cool for trying to build or enhance a song!

I think about taking some unique song (a non-Standard Banjo song - for example, plot out the melody or lead… then design in something neat around it.

I know this comes as second nature to Intermediat or Advanced players… but only basic slides and “G Lick” are just STARTING to FEEL natural… but maybe 1 our of 5 sound clean to the way I want it to sound