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Wow! Check out this article!

We’re famous, y’all! Check out this really nice article by


Well-deserved recognition is rolling in!

Fame at last @BanjoBen :cowboy_hat_face:

One could say you’re immortal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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He is getting famous! That article was at the top of my Google Newsfeed this morning:


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That’s crazy! Haha.

You deserve it Ben! You have a great business and you treat your customers like you would want to be treated. The general store is going to do great.

now this may sound a bit negative, but its not.
i know you worked hard and man you deserv it. i love your concept all the way.
just a little reminder. ive seen first hand what money can do to people. i hope you continue with the idea you started.
with the quality stuff and dont take in based on the most profit. and even if i live far away, i for one will support you in the way i can. you have given me so much i dont mind spending some extra to give in return.
ok im not gonna buy string for 30$ that i have to buy localy :stuck_out_tongue:

I get your reasoning. @KB1

I just made my first purchase from Ben’s Store and I am bummed having to pay $23.50 for international shipping. That said Ben has done so much for me over the years it’s good that I can give a little back to help him feed his family. I only wish that Ben received that $23.50 and not the US Mail. There’s a lot of talk here in Europe about Mr Trumps tariffs I just wonder how this will effect the US Musical Instrument industry. All the best quality instruments coming to Europe come from the USA. Has Donald Trump opened a can of worms that will bite him in the bum and comes to define what it means to small US business owners who struggle to find new customers beyond it’s borders only time will tell.

I have nothing but admiration for @BanjoBen he has worked extremely hard to put together this amazing website and help secure employment for two great guys who lost their jobs and livelihood when JDMC closed it doors.

The overseas shipping is a killer, you guy’s don’t incur the kind of costs we have to endure, you have free shipping in the US. I only wished I was better placed to spend more at but what I can do and what I do do is tell other folks what it is I like about Banjo Ben and I don’t mince my words when I talk to other teachers who sell me inferior instructional products that fail to match the hype they use to promote their offerings.

This is by far the best teaching resource for banjo, mandolin and guitar and when you compare what other teachers charge and see their offerings. But you don’t need me to tell you that, your already a Gold Pick member and see and experience the benefits.

There are many ways we can all support Ben, Jake , Robby and lets not forget Mr G. without spending a penny and that’s to tell others all the positive things Ben has to offer. Whether it be at a jam, on the Hangout’s on Social Media or in some printed music magazine.

I am sure we all want to see Ben’s business grow and provide security for his family and the guys that work with him. But as you said Mats we don’t want to see it get too big that Ben looses sight of his vision in creating this amazing learning resource. I agree money can also destroy lives.

I was just talking to a buddy of mine that owns a local music store about this yesterday. He’s squarely on the Trump Train, but even he said that if Trump gets a trade war started with China, it will hit his business hard. With Ben Selling Eastman, Blueridge, The Loar, Recording King, and probably others out of China, Trump could end up hurting the General Store as well.

I think Trump gets some things right, but I’m firmly against tariffs. They’re a tax on the people of the country that imposes them. I understand Trump’s end game, and it seems to be working in our favor with the EU, but China is a different story. China has a lot more leverage over the US than any EU member does. Not only do we buy tons of their stuff, they also hold a good chunk of US debt.

I think the Store will endure, though. We’re not just buying stuff. We’re buying the experience that comes with the stuff. You don’t get this kind of attention anywhere else.

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I agree Mark, Ben’s store will endure,

We here in the UK are concerned at the uncertainty of Trumps actions. We have seen how he does business over here and how he treats those that don’t share his dreams by the way he has treated ordinary folks here in the UK.

We are nervous what might happen if he doesn’t get his own way on bigger projects such as tariffs and other matters. I’ll stop there, I don’t wish to say anything here that may upset his supporters. Suffice to say I am just glad he is on your side of the pond not ours.

You were already famous. I name drop you all the time. People say, “You do? Get out!” Slapping their own face.

Congrats! Love how things are taking off with this project.

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