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Would you like to help Ben?

Hi Guy’s

Been awake most of the Sunday night with a pain in my leg and to help me pass he time I got to thinking about how I could help Ben promote the Website and General Store so I drafted this poster just to give Ben an idea what was on my mind, it’s kinda rough.

I was thinking if he posted something like this up on the forum as a downloadable file and ask the Gold Pick members to print off a few copies and put them up around their local community notice boards, barbershop and music store to help spread the word.

It’s maybe a little late in the day but a poster in your community may just catch the eye of a few new students.

Anyway Ben replied to say he was pretty busy right now to do it himself but I should feel free to post it here for all you guys to see. The Giveaway start’s tomorrow.

So any support you care to offer would be much appreciated.

banjobenposter.pdf (283.2 KB)


Archie, Here hoping you feel better and I am impressed that - even as you weren’t feeling well - you are to be commended for your dedication and commitment to supporting Ben and the Store.

He (the forum and the store, for that matter) is lucky to have you…

Get well soon - especially for your B-Day!

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Thanks @anon8000755 I have Lymphedema in my left leg and open wounds I’ll spare the detail.

I have a large dressing covering the lower part of my leg and at night the leg often swells up caused by a build up of fluid . The combination of all of this swings between mild discomfort to acute pain. The swelling and the pain is unpredictable so I spend a lot of time here on the Forum to take my mind off what ails me. No cure but I am hopeful that the treatment I am receiving will at least clear up the open wounds and reduce the swelling. I am currently on a course of antibiotics which doesn’t appear to help much. I am hoping for a referral to a specialist clinic but my doctors want me to complete current treatment. Hopefully I should know on Thursday what they plan to do next.

This has been dragging on for three months. But what’s the point of complaining there are folks in this world a lot worse of them me.

@archie May God extend his healing hands over you…


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Aw Hon, so sorry to hear that. I’ll be praying for you.

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Thanks @anon8000755

Thanks @maggie.williams1