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Would you ever come to Michigan?

Hi Ben

I work alot so I cannot get away to go to another state. However, if you could come to the Great Lake state of Michigan and do a camp long one of our great Lakes, that would be awesome!!! We have lots of state parks and regular campsites all over.

Just putting it out there.




Yep! I’d really like to have the camps at someone’s home, so if I can find a member that has an area to host ~30 folks or so I’ll try to work something out. That’s what I’m doing in Florida and I’m renting a VRBO in Montana.


With Covid the Worlds up in the air I know but I would travel . I am not beyond putting a Tent up somewhere if that’s what it came to.

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@BanjoBen well . . . this member owns a large campground just outside Indianapolis and I’d LOVE to host a camp. We’ve got cabins, RV & tent sites, and a pavilion with a full kitchen that can handle 100ish folks. There are a number of hotel options within 10 minutes. It might even be close enough to get @DLS down from Michigan.


I think that is quite promising!


Wow, imagine Ohio and Michigan, Buckeyes and Wolverines, working together… music truly is a powerful force for good! :smile:


you got me thinking on that Buckeyedave69, as Indy is 242 miles from me. Hmmmmmmm.

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Well, I am a MSU Spartan first before I am a weasel I mean wolverine.

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it ls 260 from me…where you at in MI?

@dls In the spirit of building bridges, cooperation, and the fact that you are a Sparty fan first I’ll make you a deal. . . . You come this way for Banjo Camp & I’ll go your way to fish Lake Michigan. :cowboy_hat_face::banjo: Knowing that @BanjoBen likes the outdoors as well, I’d bet he’d want to get in on those huge trout or salmon ya’ll have up there.


Kalamazoo MI

Yes the fishing is awesome up here, steel head, king salmon and lots of perch!!! This year I had to work on the COVID vaccine so I could not go for my yearly fishing. BUMMED. Come January or Feb I may get up there to fish for Steel Head… IDK yet. The Kings get BIG, pushing 40 lbs and quite long. They come in to spawn and then die. Get them green not grey.

Any how. i would love to come to a camp in Indiana!!

Thanks for the invite if Ben ever does that.


Cool…Just West of GR here.