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Wooden armrests

I had a severe skin reaction to the metal in the armrest of my banjo. Itching and a bad rash forced me to wear long sleeve shirts But I live in Texas, where it’s summer for 9 months of the year and that dog wadn gonna hunt. After some research I found the Thinline Armrest and used it for a while but still had a skin reaction to the lacquer or maybe it was the stain it had. It was ok. Left me a lil disappointed. Then I found out that Tom Nechville makes some out of polished hardwoods- no stain or lacquer so I bought one from him. Put that on my ‘77 Gibson RB250. I’m telling you- I LOVE THAT THANG!
Not only is it comfortable, it improved the aesthetics of the banjo and no more skin irritation! Short sleeves are not a problem any more! Then I bought a Davis Vintagetone and found myself in need of another armrest. Well, a buddy of mine makes custom electric bases and guitars. So I got in touch with him and Dang! That thing is just as good if not better than the one Tom made! If you’re in the market, call either one of them- you won’t be disappointed!

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That’s beautiful! And very aesthetically pleasing. I may have to consider putting that lipstick on my pig!

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I ran into Tom Nechville at his booth at SPBGMA a couple years ago. I’d only been playing a couple months, but immediately fell in love with the fit and feel of his banjos. The wooden armrest was definitely part of that comfortable feel. I now own a Nechville and highly recommend the armrest along with the rest of the Nechville unique build.


I wish I could see how they look off the banjo. I think I could make one if I had the plans.

You got it! Check these out:


This is the one I bought from Tom Nechville. It was in the $70 price range.


Here’s what they look like off the banjo. Some assembly required.


Thank you johnny that is helpful.


Now just got to figure out how to transform that log

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you’re welcome

found this website if you’re seriously gonna build one. It might help you:

The one that I had my friend make was 2 pieces of African Bloodwood with a piece of maple sandwiched between. He did a phenomenal job! I told him I’d share his work with some friends.
He’s a great craftsman, solid guy too. I met him on my last trip to Israel with my church.

If you have him make something for you, I’m confident you will not be disappointed.
Either way, post a pic of yours!

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Thanks Johnny I have the timber a fine piece of hardwood it’s been in my shed for forty years I just need the motivation to get out the tools and make a start.

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Like Michelangelo said, “Take away the parts that don’t look like an arm rest.”



Looks sharp! awesome

My bare arm kept sticking to the metal armrest and makes for uncomfortable playing. Those look great. I have a wooden armrest for both of my banjos. I got them from a place in Europe though. It’s nice to know I can source them locally now.

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I’d also recommend checking out the wooden armrests made by Randy Wood. He sells them in his store, and I’m not sure if he has them on his website but if you called him he can sell you one. I have his armrests on both of my banjos (also made by him) and they are very comfortable and nice looking.

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