Wood carving


I got into woodcarving about 4 years ago its a great way to relax. I sit under a tree with my guard dog she protects me from killer squirrels ninja rabbits and the dreaded attack geese. Now that i started banjo I carve a little while when my wrist gets sore I switch to the banjo. Nothing better on a spring evening


Where are you from that it’s spring time? It was 102 Deg F here in Houston today.


We hit 110 in Cresson :frowning:


I took a bike ride in 57° degree weather this morning…

But I will say, it has been getting hot during the days. It got all the way in the mid-80’s while I was fishing yesterday.


located in delaware very humid but we have had some good weather


Would you be willing to show us samples of your work??? :slight_smile: