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Won't Be Over You solo: how does he drone the low D?

Lonesome River Band’s Sammy Shelor plays a great solo! Can anyone explain or tab how he drones the low D while playing other notes? I can’t figure it out.
Joe H from Portlandia, Oregon

Don’t know how Sammy does it but when I play in D (standard G tuning) I’ll often hold a partial D chord with an open 4th string and play 431 as apposed to 531 with the 5th tuned to A.

It’s possible Sammy is playing out of D tuning aDF#AD.

I don’t get a chance to listen/study Sammy much.

Hey Doc!

Please post a youtube video URL here and tell me precisely where in the time code he’s doing what you’re talking about…makes it a lot easier for me to help you. Thanks!

at 2:13 the crazy droning D occurs. Also I can’t quite figure out his right hand chords over this passage. Sounds great!

Here’s the tabs. I only had time to do that actual D lick you’re talking about. He’s got a fast thumb going on there.

Ban-SammyDroneD.pdf (43.0 KB)

Ban-SammyDroneD.tef (1.2 KB)

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Wow that’s a tough lick, Double Thumbing on an eighth note is challenging enough but I am assuming when it’s played up to speed it is played as sixteenth notes.

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Wow! That’s a really tasty lead. I may have to try to tackle it after the mando contest is over.

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Thanks, Ben!! really helpful. I’m playing the tune at a gig tonight in fact!

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