Willie Nelson Concert


My wife and I are finally getting to go see Willie Nelson this weekend. We were supposed to go see him in the spring but he got sick a few days before the concert. I really hope to see him playing his famous guitar. You know, the one with a huge hole in it. I think it’s a Martin, and maybe is a classical guitar, hence no pick guard. I think it’s amazing to see these old guys still performing on stage, and the music is so much better that this new “pop” country. We saw Charlie Daniels earlier this year and he can still saw on that fiddle while dancing at 80+ years old!! I also didn’t realize Charlie was such a great guitarist.


Enjoy it! I think Willie’s guitar is a classical, and, while I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard it’s pretty beat up. Charlie Daniels is still a great fiddler and as quick as ever with his fingers, he’s also, like you said, a great guitarist and also a mandolinist according to his bio (wiki, and fiddle for dummies)


Hey @Bcaves, Willie has a Martin N-20 with a terrific story behind it. Stew Mac has some interesting tidbits about it in their videos when they do maintenance on it.


Adding to the info about Willie and Trigger, here is an article I read awhile back. It’s a few years old now, but it is a great read for anyone interested in the man or the Martin.

If you asked people to name Willie’s big influences not many would likely start with Django Reinhardt. But once you know it, you hear it everytime he plays.



I saw Willie and Waylon at - get this - the Cow Palace in San Francisco some 30 plus years ago. Bought the ticket from a Hell’s Angel for $15. Pretty good concert. Willie was playing that worn out guitar back then. At the time we wondered, “Why doesn’t he buy a new guitar?” That was before his tax problems.


I do love that signature willie sound. I doubt there will ever be another like him. I wonder if he plays steel or nylon strings?


They look like steel to me, and I’ve heard elsewhere that they’re steel