Wife says I have too many lol


When I’m not Playing Boat Driver Extraordinar. I love riding my Motorcycles anywhere and everywhere I can. Bluegrass music is played in the best motorcycle riding territory all over the US of A. Next up would be my archery and my firearms (also goes well with the Hillbilly lifestyle) By the way I’m from the heart of the Ozarks So. East Missouri. (Bootheel) Now I have taken up the Banjo which seems to be a perfect fit into the rest of life


Holler if you come through Nashville!


Will do Fer sure


I hope it’s a hd you riding :smile: then we share 2 things


2015 Ultra Limited low
1978 Shovelhead Rigid Stroker




Very nice rides :stuck_out_tongue:
I sold my old 79 shovelhead. Have a 10 Wideglide now


Hell I can’t afford more than 2 lol
Would eat into my budgets for the oter fun stuff


Mid-Missouri here. Marshall.


Back in the day I probably pushed my shovelhead farther down the road than some folks rode.


Hell KB1 I thought you said 10 Wideglides (like in amount not year) lol


They can definitely be tempermental mines a 96 inch Big Bore Stroker with single fire ignition and dual plug heads. And a Andrew’s B Grind. Eats rice stoplight to stoplight.


I kept mine stock except for the cam, even stuck with the kehin carb. Had to tear it down about every 3 years but was easy to work on. Yours definitely has more “git” than mine did. Nice bikes.