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Why was I not warned?

I was casually minding my own business, looking at used cars on FB marketplace, and I decided to listen to music on YouTube while I did. Since I was looking at cars, I figured Hot Rod Lincoln would be a good start. From there, I followed suggestions in the side bar, and randomly stumbled across something from Red Sovine. I’m pretty sure this music should have some kind of warning or restriction on it, cuz after listening to a couple of his songs I was in no condition to drive…

I defy you to listen to that and not cry. But just know, you have now been warned.


Yep That’s one of the best Gunnar!

My Dad was a trucker and I grew up listening to all of the truck driving classics. Nobody does that music better than Red Sovine. Dave Dudley is another great one!

Check out “Phantom 309”, you’ll love that one too!

Thanks for bringing back my youth!


That brings back some memories…still love it!


That was the first one I listened to, I think “one piece at a time” took me there. The story in that song is so similar to “Bringing Mary Home”, but with the characters reversed.
They’re great songs, I’m kinda sad I’d never heard them before


I’d say the timing is about right. If you would have heard them in your earlier years, you may not have appreciated them as much as you do now! And… you would not have posted this thread today… And Dave and I (and probably others) wouldn’t have gotten fond memories brought back to us!

Not ever getting to hear them at all… now that would be sad.

Thanks again for bringing them up!


Great tunes! We have a local radio station down here & they are both still played quite regularly on it. Along with several more songs of the era. This station also plays Bluegrass Saturday Nite every Sat from 6pm till midnite & Gospel Sunday morn from 6am till 1pm every Sunday & that has an assortment of tunes with quite a bit of BG gospel tunes in the mix.


That is very true actually

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I grew up with these songs as well. My dad drove a truck and so these were a staple in our house.

“I tried hard to swallow… a lump just wouldn’t stay down”

I’m not crying…you’re crying!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::heart: Very funny @stevens.joshuat


On a serious note, that was a beautiful song. :sob::sob:


I’ve been known to shed a tear or two. But perhaps none get me like “That’s My Job” by Conway Twitty…whew.

It came on the radio just when I was driving into Nashville for the first time, having left Texas and mom and dad. I lost it on the interstate, had to get over and slow way down. Haha.