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Why I Don't Practice

Monday I went to the dentist & had a tooth repaired.
Tuesday I was in agony.
Wednesday I had a split tooth extracted. It took three tries.
Thursday I wasn’t at the top of my game. The drugs didn’t seem to help much.
Friday, I finally got my flu shot after waiting weeks for the “vaccine for geezers” to arrive.

Instead of practice, I think I’ll take a nap.

But just this once.:woozy_face:


Apart from that Joe I guess your week was OK!:wink:


Didn’t get much practice this week either. Had the flu shot Saturday, Had workmen in all week fitting new kitchen, doors open all week freezing weather. Electrician in tomorrow to connect up appliances, plumber back next week to fit new sink. Hopeful I’ll get a few days peace before the decorator arrives mid Nov… Heating is on having a cup of tea before I take a nap


Next week will be better! Limber up those fingers man!


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Thanks all for nodding in understanding. :relieved:

I’m happy to report that I’m not dead yet, I picked my banjo today & I’m still the best banjo player on the street! :+1:


LIFE does manage to get in the way of practicing!!

Working almost 7 days a week on COVID Vaccine, then getting sick with Salmonella, then diagnosed with possible Bladder Cancer. Not a healthy spring summer or fall. Haven’t fished for salmon or hunted yet. IDK if I will. I just sat down tonight and played 3 songs on banjo and did exercises for mandolin. FELT GOOD.
Consistency is an issue, at least for me. It is always in my mind to play my instruments and I view Ben’s website daily.
2020 has been a mind warping, boggling, difficult and just crazy year and its not over yet. My mom used to threaten me to knock me into the next year. If she was alive, I would gladly have her do that if I could. miss my mom.

Anyway, do what you can folks and best of luck to you all!!



God bless your efforts for us all!

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Thanks for that blessing, I need it. Trying to save the world one Experiment at a time!!!


You are more than welcome!

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