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Who's who jam session (81Crowe POV), Road To Spencer

I love these jam session videos Russ Carson has been putting out, especially this one, Road To Spencer.

Of course, Russ Carson on banjo and this video is from his head POV camera. Ricky Scaggs on mando, Dennis Parker, wearing his @BanjoBen hat on guitar, looks like Sharon White in back row on guitar, Jake Workman on guitar, I think that’s Mike Barnett on fiddle next to the bass player. I need help identifying the others, see below.

Who’s the bearded guitar player to Russ’ immediate left, the bass player, and the accordion player. There’s a fellow playing clawhammer banjo, is that Russ’ dad? There’s a young mando player to Ricky’s right and Ricky seems intently focused on his lead. There’s another mando player in the back row, not sure who she is. And the other fiddle player next to Ricky, I think I saw him in another video with Russ but I’m not familiar with him.

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fiddlers are Mike Barnett and Patrick McAvinue. 2 of my favorites.

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The guitar player to Russ’ left is Jesse Smathers, the mandolin player for Lonesome River Band. The mando player to Ricky’s right is Nate Burie, the brother of Russ’ wife, Bethany. The clawhammer player is Russ’ dad, Glenn. The accordion player is one of my favorite musicians, Jeff Taylor. Just look him up…one of the most prolific piano/accordion/penny whistle players ever to come to Nashville ( He’s actually coming to my house this evening to talk shop about teaching for me sometime. Oh, and the other mando player is Dennis’ girlfriend, Cindy.


I love Russ’s vids too. He’s now experimenting with a 360deg cam. Looks great in a headset. You can turn your head as if your there and look at the individual players.


Check the extended description. beneath it on youtube is a short description, and beneath that a link that says show more. click the show more link, and he has the whole group listed

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I was going to ask if that was Sharon White of the White Family Band playing guitar in the background but after some searching on Google I discovered she married Ricky Skaggs in 1981

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Yeah, they’ve been married a long time, they have two kids together.

I saw that but they weren’t all listed.

What? Like a VR headset? I’ve never tried that. I think it looks awful on a regular screen.

Aw thanks a bunch Ben.

Yes thats right, my vr headset is only a cheap one so not the best quality as it tends to magnify the pixels, but it still gives you the feeling of being there.