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Who does the contest really benefit?

@BanjoBen, this has gone on under the radar in this household as lots of things are happening around here, but saw your email today concerning the drawing and began to listen to all of the entries. Wow, what a response! I never would have dreamed this kind of participation would occur. Started listening and liking every single entry this evening, and ran out of likes! (I’ll pick up where I left off after getting my likes back.) :grinning: Congrats to the success of this contest and to all who had the courage to make a contribution!


Well I for one never stop singing your praises. If I see anyone asking for help as a newbie online, I always tell them that they won’t find a better Teacher than you Ben. The great thing is, you not only teach us but you also have a store with people who care about instruments and customers. It’s all in one place too. Don’t know anyone else who has that. I wish you had a store in the UK.

At the moment everyone is struggling. My family and I are in total Lockdown at present. We are praying we don’t catch it.
I think if I didn’t have my music and my banjo to play in the little bit of me time that I get now and then, I would go crazy.
Thanks to you I can pick up my banjaar and just forget about everything for a short time and play and unwind.
Thanks Ben. Hope you and your family stay safe in these uncertain times.


Mr. Clark I have to say, your generosity means as much as my own father’s does to me, and even though one in very large sum of people will actually win the prize, the fact that you yourself will pay for it is overwhelming. Thank you is the obvious thing to say but coming from someone without living with much money I know what it means to give something away. Thank you.


I would also like to say I agree with all that has been said. I as a gold pick lifer have only been here a short time. And in that short time it is most apparent how much you ( and your staff ) care about your people. It shows in the time and consideration you show us all. Thank you Ben!


Well said @Hillbilly_picker!

Well DONE @BanjoBen!