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Who amoung you are going to IBMA?

Whos going this year?? This will be my first time. Hope to see some of you folks there. Ill be in and around the vender area… Cheers


I, sadly, am not attending (cuz I live on a different continent) enjoy it for all us underprivileged folk :slight_smile:

I’ve never been, would like to someday.

How was it this year? Was Tony there and how’s he been doing?


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IBMA was a blast… Hope you get to ck it out one day. Sadly Tony wasn’t there J W. He is doing ok tho. He don’t get out much these days. I went over to see him a few weeks ago and installed a heat pump for him. Played the ole herringbone a bit. Still sounds amazing even tho the strings are like 5 years old.