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Which Expensive Finger Picks to get?

Wow, @BanjoBen and @Jake have lots of nice finger picks to choose from. I appreciate the comfort and durability of my BlueChip Thumb pick. Now I need some high end finger picks to go with it. Too many options though. Which ones do you guys like?

My current favorites are the Sammy Shelor version, but also have some of the Acri Picks that are pretty nice as well.

P.S. An interesting thing about the Shelor picks are that they come in a set of two, and have different markings so that once you get them sized correctly for each finger, it’s easy to tell them apart. :slightly_smiling_face:


@xmark Have you tried the Bob Perry ones?

I only have the Shelor’s personally but I know the Perry’s and Acris are great. Dan Tyminski bought some picks from me the other day and he got the Bob Perry Power Picks…lots of pros use them.


I’ve got a set of Sammy Shelors, and I love them. Especially the wide band, they’re so comfortable and stay on my fingers so well. I don’t use any other picks now

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I heard Yates are good also. Anyone have experience with them?

@JoeB No on the Perry version, but have heard/read only good comments about these.

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I’ve used the Bob Perrys and they are good. Lately, I’ve been using National NP2 Stainless Steel picks. I think I like them about as well as anything else I have used, although, I will admit that the Shelors are probably more comfortable.


I’m like Adam. I have a set of Shelors but I use plain National NP2s. The Shelors are comfortable but for me, pick comfort is not an issue anymore so one is as good as another. I like the tone of the nickel NP2s more than the brighter stainlesss steel of the Shelors.

But then I just use a plain Clown Barf thumb pick so that kinda matches with the NP2s.


Hi Y’all

Are there any UK pickers that have some Sammy Schelor picks they would like to sell?


Yates are about the closest you can get to the old Nationals…at least that’s what my instructor tells me, and he should know…

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I went Nashville a few months ago and while I was there I bought these from Carter’s Vintage Guitars.
So far so good. The thumb pick is great (at least for comfort) and the finger picks seem to be an improvement from the dunlops.


I use schelor’s they are really comfortable.
I cannot confirm, but I’ve heard some say the cobolt on the BP picks wears off quite quickly. As I say, I cannot personally confirm this, its just what I’ve read in review from some who have used them. I’d still try them if I had the chance just for my own experience to compare. :+1:

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I think that may have been what happened with my BPs I was using for a while. I started getting more pick noise and I ended up moving on to other things. I think that was probably why I started getting more pick noise, though. I tend to play really hard (maybe too hard, at times), and nickel silver picks just don’t last for me. They start getting nicks on them and then get scratchy coming off the string.

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