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Where to start

I just joined as a gold pick member mainly for mandolin and I play guitar. I want to start at the very beginning for mandolin. Is there a step by step process to this or do I just pick a tune and start. Thanks.


Howdy @chrislisaalex! Welcome! Check out the beginner mandolin learning track at the top of the mandolin page:

Be sure to ask any questions you might have, we’re here to help!


Welcome @chrislisaalex,

@BanjoBen’s - a talented player and amazing teacher - gave you the best, direct advice on where to start.

I just want to add some perspective and insight… as I am also a new Mandolinist recently.

I am happy you are here and you won’t regret joining. I joined as a Life Goldpicker back a few years ago for Banjo. In my humble opinion, having the Banjo lessons was well worth the price - all by itself.

Then, my family bought me a Mandolin for my Birthday about a year and half ago. So, I started right at the beginning too… and I couldn’t be happier!

This is the best site with exceptional value (as compared to live lessons)… with 3 extensive levels (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) of on-demand, increasing skill deveopment lessons built into a complete training program PLUS Music Theory PLUS the great value of an inspiring forum (a passionate community always willing to lend a helping hand, offer ideas and encouragement) included.

AND, you have the guitar track all set up to build on your guitar skills in the same way - just waiting for you. Then, there is the ever-increasing catalog of new lessons released monthly on each instrument, guest sit-ins, contests, music posts for guidance and much more.

I am NOT trying to sell you anything because I don’t get anything for my endorsement.

Rather, as a beginning Mandolinist, I offer my experience of once being where you are and to encourage you that your decision was wise. Please return here often too.

Also be aware that @BanjoBen’s General Store is a trustworthy source for you with supplies and a fantastic support staff willing to answer your questions or offer advice on products for your value rather than their profit.

I truly hope you enjoy being here with us. Thank you for reading this and I wish you much success!


Welcome Chris, Hope you enjoy the journey!


Welcome to the forum Chris (@chrislisaalex), I hope you enjoy it. I’m confident you’ll find a welcoming family of folks here eager to help with your questions and encouraging you in your progress. Feel free to jump in on discussions too.

Congratulations on becoming a gold pick member also. Frankly it’s the best deal out there, the content can’t be beat and the host has a personality, and a pretty good one at that… I hope he’s not reading this, shhhh.