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Where Be Banjo Ben?

Howdy y’all!

We’ve entered Q4 here at the Cabin and it is CRAZY, haha. Good news is that we’re growing, especially on the store side…there’s not really any bad news except that I’m pretty frazzled preparing for end of year. By the way, we’ll have some incredible Black Friday weekend deals for y’all! In fact, I’m typing this post from a waiting room at a service shop. I’m getting my truck checked out to leave for Missouri this morning with a load of instrument boxes for Jake and crew. While I’m there we’ll be shooting our Thanksgiving videos, so we’re excited for that! Y’all remember the ones from last year? Think we can top them? Here are a few:

I will see y’all back on the forum next week! If you’ve posted or asked me something that I haven’t responded to, please bear with me and I’ll do my best! Thanks!


Wow, I’d only seen half of that first one :joy::joy::joy: I don’t know how you can improve on those, but I look forward to seeing what y’all cook up!


Wow… I can’t stop laughing! You should create comedy shows I think seriously… Very nice!


Somewhere in the archives on this very forum there are some posts to videos of a comedy show Ben was pitching to some network execs. Funny stuff!


OK I never knew… I’ll check it out…

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Could do a Hee Haw remake