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When to replace thumb pick

image Would you trash this or keep using it?

@JoeB IMHO, I would take some sandpaper or a nail file and round the edge a bit, unless you’re missing hitting strings with it, I would still use it. I also buy like a dozen of those thumb picks too, just in case.


Hi @JoeB I usually cut that much off a new pick and reshape it with sandpaper. Like @_Tye_Stick I buy a bundle of pick and custom shape a couple in case one gets damaged or I loose one.


Are the blue chips made from something different where they do not do this?

Yes. I don’t know what that material is, but it’s TOUGH! I’ve had 2 BlueChips for about a year and I haven’t noticed any wear on either of them.


I would throw this one away, yes.

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Keeping this one to remind me of a bonehead mistake made a few weeks ago sitting in my truck. Spare pick was so tight my thumb was going numb. Used a lighter to attempted loosing. Pick went up in flames immediately like it was soaked in kerosine! Tossed it out into a rain puddle. Burnt my thumb from melted plastic and left the most horrible smell inside the cab! Don’t try this at home, or in your rig…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Change it and see if it affects your playing.

I just took a look at my pick and it looks like yours. My playing has been really ragged lately and I never thought to take a look at my pick! Thanks.

How do you like the Golden Gate pick? I just got one the other day while visiting Austin, TX. They seem very durable.

Ouch! Thanks for sharing that lesson. Not one I’d want to learn the hard way.

I seem to recall reading about using heat to shape those picks, but I think it was with hot (boiling?) water. May be worth a shot?

Ha, your welcome Mark. Know about the hot water but none was readily available at the time…:fire:

Make sure you take your thumb out of the pick before placing it in boiling water.