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"When I Reach My Home Up There" by Dailey and Vincent

Hey out there does anybody have tabs for the whole song to play with a group including the solo @BanjoBen or anyone


I know Joe Dean’s solo, but I don’t know how to write TAB digitally… @Dragonslayer might be able to help you out with transcription.


Edit: Found this on the Banjo Hangout. I’d use hammers/pull offs rather than the double thumbs:


thanks @Michael_Mark Michael_ was that from david russell on bh i and what do you mean double thumbs(im not familiar with all the tem being self taught)


What I mean by “double thumbs" is the places in the TAB which dictate picking two successive eighth notes with your thumb. Rather than picking the open string and then picking the second fret, pick the open string and hammer on at the second fret.

Here’s the link to the BHO thread:


im Banjodennis04 :grinning: i was hoping for more help for the entire song but thats all he gave me. thanks for clearing that up for me @Michael_Mark

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Are you needing help with backup? There are several helpful topics and lessons here on rolling backup.

that would be helpful but im not a goldpick member and i already used up my three lessons and how accurate do think the tabs is to joe deans playing

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I’d say it’s accurate. Personally, I’d probably just learn it by ear from the video, only using the tab as a reference if I can’t pick something out.

alright i guess i can try that @Michael_Mark. How long have you been playing.

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Almost three years.

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how long did it take for you to get good cause i feel like i should be better than i am

Really, “good” is a relative term when pertaining to skill level… and for the record, everybody feels like they should be better than they are. :wink: Keep practicing and you’ll get there.


Here is myself picking the banjo at two years of playing:


Just be your own best Dennis but we all beat ourselves up on here for trying to be better.

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thats good @Michael_Mark

Thanks @tucker

Your Welcome :grin:

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