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When Chloe Was Actually Charlie

A few months back our girls caught us in a weak moment, and we came home with two of the cutest little bunnies for our girls. We were told we had two female bunnies, so they were quickly named Flora and Chloe.

Today I went out to the hutch to change their bedding. I opened up the side panel hatch and received a major shock!

As it turns out, Chloe was actually a Charlie.



It’s magic! Hahaha

RUT ROW Shaggy

Now that’s funny! Now I have to share my bunny story.

In the courtyard of the nursing home where my wife Rosana worked as a therapist, there was a couple of bunnies for the patients to watch and pet. Both were SUPPOSEDLY males but guess what? They weren’t. And well, bunnies doing what bunnes do, they had babies.

Lots of them.

Big surprise there.

Naturally my wife called to ask me if we could have a bunny. Seriously? I’ve had dogs, cats, fish, hamsters but never bunnies. What’s a 20 year retired Navy Senior Chief know about fluffy bunnies? LOL. Of course I said yes, so she came home with the cutest little American Lop Eared bunny you ever saw and I fell in Love.

She let me name him.

As if I’ve ever named a bunny before.

I was stumped.

Later that evening I was on the phone telling my daughter that I was now the proud papa of a fluffy baby bunny. Once the laughter subsided, she asked me what on earth I was gonna do with a bunny rabbit and what would I name him? Me, being the eternal goofball, told her in my best Bugs Bunny cartoon voice;

"I’m gonna Love him, and squeeze him and pet him and name him George! THAT’S IT!" I yelled!


I named the bunny George!

But I was worried George was too small and not yet weaned as he wasn’t eating, so I convinced her to bring it back for a week or two. The very next day she called and said that just after releasing George back into the courtyard he took off and started eating grass. "OK, OK… bring him back." "They have to get rid of them all today. Can I have TWO?" she asked.


"Why not", I replied, "but only if we get two males!". She assured me that they were all caught and in boxes of males and females and we’re getting two males. So she brings the two little ones home and we fell absolutely in love with them both. George is the while and gray and we named the Ruby Eyed White Sammy, both American Lop Eared Bunnies:


They were sharing the same large cage until that one fateful morning when Rosana came yelling into me “HONEY! Sammy is humping George!” OMG… “Well honey,” I explained "he’s not really humping him… it’s a normal animal dominance thing."

I walked inside and wouldn’t you know it… Sammy was flat-out humping George! :rofl: So I separated them and upon further investigation determined that George was a girl. Great. There goes the best bunny name EVER! I let Rosana name him, I mean her, and she chose Susie after her old Labrador Retriever who would have, by the way, eaten the rabbit whole. She never understood the irony of that, but I still chuckle. (chuckle)

I asked her who sexed the bunnies and she told me it was the lady that brought the two bunnies to the courtyard in the first place. Oh, I said… you mean the two males, huh?


Well, we couldn’t let all that humping continue so I had to take Sammy to get fixed.

He never forgave me.

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Hahahaha! I laugh, only because I can fully relate. (well, also because it’s just funny)

And yes, George was the PERFECT name for a bunny.

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