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What's up folks? Been awhile

Well for those that know me from the “Old Site” I will report that I have not been picking at all. Yep, herniated a disc in my neck last fall and entire arm from shoulder to fingers fell asleep. Was laid up in bed for about 2 months over the winter…was absolutely miserable.

MRI then Dr’s said “surgery now”. Decided to attempt the physical therapy part and although it got me back on my feet and alleviated most of the problem my thumb and fingers fall asleep in about 5 minutes when I use them for things like fretting, typing, etc. …I’ve maybe put in 10 hours in the guitar in 10 months.

Just figured I’d shout out and let some of you guys know that I am still alive. I am gonna limp along until winter and am then going in for surgery. They have to go through my throat to fix herniation. Hopefully will be back up and picking by late winter/early spring.

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wow, good to hear from you…but sorry for your troubles.

Good luck with the surgery.

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Great to hear from you Jesse!

Will be praying things get better for you and that you can play again as much as you like. (Keep us posted).

How’s the homestead?


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Hey Jesse,

Good hearing from you. That’s terrible news. I’ll be praying for you too. This getting older stuff isn’t always easy. Don’t let it get you down.

I was thinking of you the other day, when I decided to play “What will we see?”

Take care and let us know how it progresses.

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May the Lord bring healing to your fingers and your nerves.

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Jesse, oh no!!! Man, I hate to hear that! Drive a little north to Mount Juliet and come hang out with me!

Ben since the boat ramp is across the street from ya did you ever get a boat? I picked up a canoe and my son and I float down Stones River some. I mainly steer the canoe and let him do some smallmouth fishing. If ya picked you up a boat then you can surely give this ol boy a shout out and treat to some crappie and bass fishing once the weather cools a bit! Lol.

Good to hear from ya Mike. We never did ever officially finish “What will we see” did we? Gotta put that back on the list of things to do once I can play again.

I still put the old Martin in my lap about every other week. I guess I’m hoping that things may change mysteriously and can last more than 10 minutes or so before the hand falls asleep. Believe me I’ve been let down every time. I just sit it back on the stand around the others and kind shake my head and think “I’ll be back guitars just be patient with me”.


Homestead is coming along great. I can still do most of that work, just repetitive things with the hands gets me all fired up/hand asleep.

I guess I have around 3000 sqft of traditional garden, another 1000 sqft of raised beds, chickens running everywhere, rabbits, bees, and all kind of different critters here and there. Problem is I made this place way too “pretty” like a resort and now my wife won’t let me junk it up! Lot of upkeep though that’s for sure…love every minute of it.

How are things with you?

I don’t think I have ever officially finished a song :smile: However, I did perform that song at a friend’s funeral. It had three verses at the time. It was finished enough for me to play it anyway. They recorded the service and I think I posted a video somewhere along the line. FWIW, you got credit at the service… you are famous now.