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What to do with Instrument

I have been giving some thoughts as to what to do with a mandolin I have but never use any longer I am not into trying to sell simply because I do not like dealing with all the bull that comes with that crap on Craigslist,flee bay,Offer UP or any others I may not have mentioned but what I have thought about was finding a young child that is less fortunate than myself and just simply donating it to that child just for shipping cost just to get a young person into the joy of playing an instrument with that said I do not even know where or how I would go about even doing what I want to as I really do not have a lot of time on my hands because of having to take care of my wife whom has dementia
is there anyone that can point me in a direction as to how to begin, the instrument is my Loar LM 310 which was not to bad of a beginner Mandolin for me,I switched to an instrument that is a lot easier for me to learn on, the Loar I found the string spacing just to narrow for my big hands and I hate having the Loar just sitting there.
So any help in my quest would be appreciated

Thanks for Reading


You might get ahold of John Cockman.

He runs a christian musical outreach program and has placed fiddles that were up for “adoption” for people before.

I’ll send you a PM.


Alot of Churches will take things like that and put them to use with the youth, I know my church does. You could send it to me and I’ll make sure one of the kids at our church gets it and learns a thing or two about how to play it😁


@Don_Smith, sent you a private message! Thank you!!


I responded to your message

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