What keeps you going


https://youtu.be/g47Jz5jMhdo listening to stuff like this really motivates my banjo learning.


Might fine.



Great recording by Jim Mills I love his playing.

What really motivates me to study and play is Banjo Ben. He has all the qualities I seek from a teacher. He knows what he’s talking about. He is a great banjo, guitar and mandolin player. He is a great communicator, he engages with all his students on a personal level. He speaks in a way and at a level that I can understand the message he wishes to convey without the need to continually ask questions. He is funny, a natural entertainer. So yea Banjo Ben really rings my bell each morning and inspires me to study, I am sure he does the same for many other students.


I’m right with you there Archie. I’m counting on him getting me there.


I have tried many other teaching methods over the years and I regret to say not all teachers are the same. Some I found to be quite arrogant, Some so boring I’d fall asleep five minutes into a lesson. Some thought themselves so good they didn’t teach at all, all they did was just boasted how good they were. Those same teachers were always too busy to reply to correspondence. It’s not for me to name names on a public forum. But I just wish these so called teachers would come and learn a few lessons from @BanjoBen


Very humbling, thank you.


I was wondering how you folks get the video you post to come up here on the forum versus taking you to a different page. I right clicked on copy video url and was wondering if I could have done something different. Hope this makes sense. Thanks


What I usually do is click on the “Share” link in YouTube and copy and paste that link here. So far it has embedded the video every time.


Doug, if the preview pane is open when you create your message it doesn’t embed the video it just shows up as a link, at least that’s what happens on my puter.


As cheesy as it sounds, I can literally say Ben kept me going. My son, who is now 15 months old, didn’t come into this world easily. My wife’s water broke 17 weeks into her pregnancy. In > 99% of cases where that happens, the pregnancy is over. Not with my boy. He stayed put and we left the hospital with strict bed rest orders.

So, for the next 14 weeks, I wore both hats in the house, which left zero time for picking. Then, after he was born, things got even busier. 43 days in the NICU keeps you hopping. Pro tip: 44 years old is too old to have a baby. I was exhausted all the time, so I still didn’t touch my banjo.

I wasn’t inspired to pick it back up until Ben’s Red Haired Boy contest last year. That was what I needed to get back in to it, and I’ve been much better about practicing ever since.


Awesome, and praise God for that baby boy.


“What keeps you going?”



hahaha, that too


Im sure happy to hear he is home and all went well. I can tell from your video that you can think about what to make for supper while your pickin (compliment). I will have to check out this contest if I can find a link. I’ve been away for about 16 months and just finding my way around.


Thanks Doug! He is the happiest, toughest little boy I’ve ever seen. He figured out how to climb out of his crib last week. Took a 4 foot fall to the floor flat on his back. He whimpered for about 10 seconds and then was smiling again.

Here’s Ben’s contest announcement.

And here’s my entry.


I am going further with praise for Mr. Clark - AKA… the Bach of Banjo. Ben is all that @Archie said and… I’ll add… an INNOVATOR of quality Virtual Music Lesson format. He clearly loves what he does and dare I say… could rest on his laurels, like his old site… but Ben has motivation and passion - two fundamental aspects of Continuous Improvement. A great example is the new website, video swap, his live broadcasts, this forum and even FEEDBACK to all of us.

He goes out of his way to have us feel valued, important and even like part of a virtual family.

Best of all, Ben (and I will now include Jake after sharing a fine conversation with him yesterday)… both of them have a great moral, inner compass to treat us as they would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is lived each day here…

They are attentive to our questions / concerns and never speak down at us. Instead, they make time to share their talents with us… and this trait spills over to many of the fine folk Regulars like @Archie and all the rest (you regulars know who you are) - where we all follow their fine lead.

This creates the perfect supportive culture for all of us to learn and grow… but it all starts with Ben’s stewardship and vision! This is why I am a proud and fortunate to be a LIFER!

God Bless Ben, Jake, Archie, Mark, Dave, Bob, Steve V. and all of YOU. May we all inspire and grow to be good today and even better tomorrow - together.

Thanks for reading what I have to share on how I BELIEVE in the inspiration of this site. I can’t wait to now continue down my Banjo path… and begin my Mandolin journey here!


Haha. He sounds like he’s a tough guy ( I would still be whimpering). Thanks for the links. Where else does this kind of thing happen?!? Nice job on all those instruments and congrats on the win!


Bob, Did you really have to take us “THERE”?

Fiber… that was a good one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mark this is great! Very good job!


Congrats Mark,

That was AWESOME.

For winning’s sake - and for the rest of us… and LISTENING’S sake… YOU did great!

Man… and the news of your boy was just… well… let’s just say you DESERVED the win - with your work ethics (son and multi-track) - as well as your undeniable talent.

Dare I start something here… wouldn’t it be cool if SOMEDAY, Ben had his own private (site members and/or site affiliation guests too - by Ben invite only) student get-together. Maybe call it Banjo Ben Clark’s Student JAMboree.

OK… so I don’t know a good name for it - but you guys get the idea?

Essentially, a way for us all to meet and to connect… and maybe even pick a tune… or watch others like Ben, Mark, Archie and all the other ARTISTS (yes, I specifically use that term) have some jam sessions, clinics and fellowship.

That would be the coolest thing!