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What can Amazing Grace teach us? Part 1 of a series

The first thing Amazing Grace can teach us… is “how cool is the Pentatonic Scale?”

Amazing Grace by the Numbers

Plus … using numbers when reading music.

Can you memorize the numbers of the notes in the Pentatonic Scale? (hint… 1,2,3,5,6)
Can you sing those numbers? (Think of the opening riff of “My Girl”…)
Can you sing Amazing Grace using these numbers instead of the words?

Get after it!!!
Mr G


Really helpful video @Mr_G. Thank you!

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That blesses me! Thank you!

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That was excellent and a great suggestion for connecting the brain to numbers and intervals! You’ve been busy! I love the “My girl” to get the frame of reference.
Another song that lays out the major pentatonic but in a more descending order is the whistled melody from “Don’t worry be happy.” Those two songs kind of go together for me… don’t worry, be happy because of amazing grace.

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