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What are recommended specs for a tablet?

I am interested in buying a tablet to use for my music education so that I can be more mobile. I would like to use it for the tabledit app, website access ( of course), YouTube, and some app of set list maintenance. If you use a tablet for these purposes, please share your experience so myself and others might not make an expensive mistake. Thanks so much.

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All I’ve ever had is Apple products and I currently have the iPad Pro 2. It’s pretty amazing but probably an overkill for what you need. The site is compatible on all updated devices, so no worries there!

I got the iPad pro a few months back to use with Forscore. I’ve moved all of my paper sheet music to a digital PDF format. So much easier.

I just bought my wife an Acer Tablet at Walmart for 389 dollars, and it works great for everything we do. I would say anything you by new will be fine. Windows or Mac.

An exception may be if you want to do some gaming which can really be a memory hog, and can require a really good graphics card.

So, unless you want to do a lot of gaming, I would say you could buy any new device with confidence.

By the way, welcome to the forum. There are many people here who enjoy helping others.


Thank you for the information.

Thank you very much for the info

Thank you.

I use an ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z301MF)
and also mobileSheets pro
I like the tablet it works very well and has good resolution but might like a 12"+ screen a bit better

Probably next time I will just get a 2in1 notebook because they are getting smaller these days and a bit more functional than a tablet

Wish I could help on this , but I run a Brontosaurus and a Triceratops…