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Welcome to West Texas chord chart

I went to the interwebs to try to find a good chord chart for this song, but there wasn’t much to find. What I did find was seriously lacking in the variety of chords suggested. What makes this song is all of the little chord variations… the G13, the D Aug Add 9… it’s a REALLY busy song, but you can’t simplify it to major chords and keep the flavor, so I decided to tackle it myself.

I ran this by Ben and he said it was OK to post. If anyone decides to check it out, let me know if you find any mistakes.

Welcome To West Texas


@Mark_Rocka THOSE are adult chords. :flushed: Currently I’m listening to Hulls’ version of Let it Snow. I love the swing chords.


LOL! That is the straight truth! I can’t remember the last time I had to slow a song down just to keep up with the chord progression. It sure is fun once you get it down, though, and there’s a beautiful left hand pattern that emerges once you get it down. The way it flows seems practically natural.

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I have been working on swing chord shapes for a few months. The progress is slow.