Weiser Banjo Camp 2018


Kaleb went to Weiser Banjo Camp this last weekend. He met Alan Munde and Kaleb played a tune for him that he had written. Alan liked it so much, he took a recording and learned it and asked Kaleb to play it with him at the Master’s Concert on Saturday night! It was a wonderful weekend and Kaleb learned so much!


Well done Kaleb that was amazing.


That’s fantastic! Way to go Kaleb!


Oh, man–coolest thing ever!!! Great tune, Caleb! And what an honor to have Alan Munde select you, create a version of your tune, and play harmony with you! I hope Alan also learned of our relationship. You’ll never forget that, and for good reason.


Mighty fine! Love it!

Thanks for sharing!


Nice job, Kaleb…fun tune!


Kaleb I wasn’t gonna say it but I will, I’m a little jealous and thats only because I’m to old to be real jealous. It looks as if you are on your way and I wish you the best. What an honor it is to be able to play with one of the mellowist, laid back legends and sound fantastic.


Inspiring. Thanks for sharing that.


Great job, Kaleb!