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Ways to enrich our time

Happy Sunday to y’all!

As these days are stringing together, I thought it might be a positive idea to share some ways we can share to pass the time.

I hope y’all choose to share… one or more of these below… or something different you add to the list.

Remember, though we are apart, we can still come together!

In fact, I had another Mandolinist offer the opportunity for us to Zoom - to virtually meet and practice. This was a response for a post I put out on Mandolin Cafe - seeking beginning players in my area to meet with once this passes.

Favorite Netflix Movie or Series:
A good book or book series (it is nice we can order on demand nowadays):
Favorite @BanjoBen lesson to study and why?:
Favorite Tab (different than lesson?) and why?:
A Technique to practice/perfect - please include a lesson that helps practice it?
Favorite other online musical site (2nd only to @BanjoBen’s site, of course!):

For those of us connecting our spirituality:
Favorite Bible Quote - and why?:
Favorite Bible Book to study and Why?:
Feel free to offer other uplifting spiritual options…
A favorite Church link to virtually attend service:


I’ll probably answer the other questions later, but here’s a link to the premiere for our Sunday morning service if anyone wants to tune in :slightly_smiling_face:


Right now I’m enjoying watching the Great Model Railway challenge, not on Netflix but it’s on YouTube.

I haven’t been reading much lately but I was reading Earl Scruggs, Banjo Icon.

Right now my favorite BBC lesson might be the mandolin pentatonic boogie. Or Cherokee Shuffle on Banjo.


This is an outstanding message @Michael_Mark Thanks for this.


Let me say, I am touched that this thread quickly kicked off with the sharing of a service.

I thought I would share our service too… Faith Over Fear is the new message / series started last week to confront and address Covid-19.

All 3 pastors from Oak Pointe churches in the area are coming together right now to deliver the message:

I hope it moves you into a positive place as I intend by my sharing of it!


I have been retired for almost 15 years. I have developed a plan, to do Mon-Fri. Then I do something completely different on weekends. Gives some structure to my life. But ever time there’s nice sunny weather, I go outside to do something, walk or yard jobs.


Our evening service is live now:

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Hi @WillCoop, if you could do the meetup arrangements for a practice oriented bible study, I’d love to join. Take faith or any topic for example. No theory all practice. Right now I’m in a situation where I understood yesterday, $10,000 on my joint account with my brother was put on hold in violation of US constitution and would be taken away soon. NY is doing mischief again. Government also ties my hands to work. How do you expect me to live? I showed my anger with the government to the bank rep yesterday to put my feelings on record. Soon the anger disappeared. That’s it. Do I lack anything today?? No. So why should I be worried? Government should worry now! So this is the trial of faith (heavenly thing to hold on) and I know I need to preserve it (overcoming the obstacles in preserving faith in godly way) more than gold (any earthly thing). I can now approach the situation with a smile! I can uplift others’ spirits! :slight_smile: