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Wayfaring Stranger on the Mandolin!

Here is my take of Wayfaring Stranger on the Mando, based off of @BanjoBen s version. I really need a better mandolin, I was :eyes:ing the Loar…


Fine job, buddy. I’m working on that one a bit too!

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Good picking! You definitely need a better mandolin, I’ve played a couple the Loar 310s, and they’re good mandolins. Definitely a big step up from what you have, I have a Kentucky KM150, which is better than the Loar, but more expensive. I did like the neck shape of the Loar though.

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Let me know when you’re ready. I always make sure my Gold Pick members get the best deal possible at the General Store.

Indeed… I can attest to @BanjoBen’s Store is exceptional. Having bought my Eastman from @Jake, I urge you to give him a call when you are ready.

@Jake will fix you up with sumthin’ real nice.

Nice performance… @D_HRRFan7303

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