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WAY Off Topic, But Timely Covid Info

We’ve all had to put up with a lot of politicians telling us what we can or cannot do, and it’s very annoying. Let’s face it, no matter what is going on, the last person with any credibility is a politician, but we’re stuck with them.

I’ve had two open heart surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic, so I am inclined to trust the people that cut me open, stopped my heart, fooled around on the inside, then got me started again. Here is a webinar they presented recently on Covid. I don’t know if you will learn anything new, but at least the information is devoid of politics.
There is a slight bias towards Ohio, since that is where they are located, but the information crosses all borders. It runs about an hour.
November 20, 2020 | COVID-19 Update from Cleveland Clinic - YouTube