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Watch Your Toes... Banjo Ben Name Drop

You know you have arrived when other online instructors start name-dropping your lessons during their own (at 1:20 and 2:30). I’d like to believe that Marcel is a Gold Pick member.

Someone with a YouTube account should add links to the referenced Ben lessons in the comments.

And I have to agree with Marcel. Sneaking away to look up Banjo Ben lessons is admittedly one of my guilty pleasures…


Yes, he’s a member and his vids are well done. He’s emailed me several times over the years. I heard from a couple folks that he mentioned me and disparaged me, but after watching the video he was quite kind.

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Great video, I don’t think he was harming Ben in any way, if anything promoting him. I used to watch Marcel’s lessons all the time before BanjoBen happened.

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