Waggly finger problem


I’ve been trying to work out why I keep annoyingly hitting the head with my second finger. This finger seems to wave about more and I’m having problems taming it!
I think if I was one of those players that could anchor their ring finger and pinky, then I would not have this problem. However I cannot. I can only anchor my pinky. I’ve been playing almost 2 years now and watching or listening to myself on recordings to judge how I am progressing brings to light this annoying tapping of this unruly finger. Anyone have any tips on correcting this? Has anyone, or does anyone else have this problem?


Hi Jonathon

May I suggest you submit a video of your playing to enable @BanjoBen to diagnose what the problem is and advise a fix. Make sure the picking hand angle is such that he can see your fingers and the strings.


Gold Pick members are able to submit videos and get feedback from me in the Video Swap category. I’d be honored to have you on board, @jonathanplymouth!