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"Voodoo Queen"

As you all probably know by now, I’m an old timey type photographer. This is an 8x10 ambrotype on black glass. That’s my wife as the “Voodoo Queen”. I just wanted to make a moody, creepy plate for Halloween. She loves halloween. The skull is a chacma baboon skull. It’s the closest real skull I have to human. I don’t want a real human skull… they’re very expensive, and the creepy factor is just too dang high for me. So, I stick with animals.

Here’s a behind the scenes:

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Man, you and your wife could work in Hollywood on some horror flick. That picture in BW creeped me out as she really looked the part of a Voodoo Queen!! Good job on the creativity. Maybe you could do an old western type picture with the set up you got?

Thanks for sharing!!


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The old western stuff is in the works. My Dad is a SASS member, and I’d really like to get him and his buddies on wet plate. It’s getting colder, so that’s probably going to wait until next spring or summer.

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I love your work, keep posting!

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Egads! For a moment I thought my wife was seeing another man! :flushed:

(I an sooo glad she doesn’t read the Forum!)

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