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Vincent Sadovsky

Has anybody used Vincent Sadovsky’s lesson material I’m looking to get his book new twist for the 5 string banjo. and how are the tabs layed out? Does he do it normal than with the tuners?


Hi Tucker, I had never heard of Vincent Sadovsky until I read your post. I checked out his website and it looks promising. I guess the best way to find out more about his playing & teaching style is to write to him. Ask him for a sample of his tab and look for him on YouTube. I haven’t looked too deeply into his background but from his video clip I am guessing he is a pro banjo player who like many are turning to teaching in order to find an income during covid.

BTW You may not have noticed he us using two sets of Bill Keith D Tuners so if you don’t already own D Tuners check out Ben’s General Store before rushing to buy his ebook,

Thanks for sharing this info about Vincent I will be checking him out on YouTube from now on.


I Just read his profile and sadly Vincent past away in 2018 such a great loss. I wished I had found him sooner.


I have the new twists book. It’s definitely an older style publication, and the tab numbers look like they were originally handwritten, but it’s easy enough to read. The songs are mostly written in a standard version and then several versions with the D tuners. Mine has an audio CD as well that I haven’t listened to.



Thanks Luke, Is yours a hard copy book or a PDF file ?

Me too @Archie i bought his Christmas song book and i liked it pretty well and it was pdf so i just had to print the book out myself. thanks @Luke_L so it has tabs for it with and without the tuners correct?


Soft cover book.

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Thanks Luke

Thanks for sharing this post. Like Archie, I hadn’t heard of him but did a search and watched a few videos. I’ll be checking out more about him, too.