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Video problems

Is anyone else having video problems since the new website was rolled out? I am having trouble on 2 different computers.

Ok, I just saw the other topic about videos choppy. I’m still learning this website.

Sorry about that! I don’t know what browser you’re on Richard, but can you try Chrome and let me know here how it does?


Joined today as silver member was browsing around all day the vids I was trying to watch would keep freezing up. I was finally able to unlock two of the three free videos but my status says I’ve unlocked four of three. When I only unlocked two.???

Hi Tony, Sorry to hear your experiencing some technical issues. Can I ask you what device your are using to connect to Banjo Ben, what browser your using and which videos were locking up. This will help Ben’s tech team to identify and work to resolve the problems your experiencing.

I’m going to reach out to you via emails, @jhannah2009 .

He fixed it. I’ll tell you what he knows some stuff. Thanks Ben!


Am I the only one that can’t get the vids to play at all?

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Hi Tony, Yes @BanjoBen is quite a remarkable individual. He never ceases to amaze me. We are bless to have him as our teacher and mentor.