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Video Playback

Howdy Folks, just a quick note about the best Site for Music on the web. Banjo Ben ! So I know computers about as much as I know about Ballet and Greek Mythology. But after years of watching and learning from Ben, the other day the videos wouldn’t play. Well I upgraded, Microsoft edge and that was the problem, went back to regular Explorer, and all is well. Just in case any had this problem.

Dave B. not an IT guy.


Nice to know. I’m a Firefox user, but Ben’s videos tend to choke, so I watch them on Chrome without any issues.

Not being an IT guy, you probably wouldn’t know why I’m not a fan of Microsoft.
But I’m still giggling over the oxymoron “Microsoft Works.”


Yeah, this site really prefers Chrome. Even if you don’t like that browser, it just makes using this site easier.