USPS is Silly


Its funny how USPS system works. Instead of my package coming up Tenn into Ky its going to make a lay over in MO. Not sure why. Delivery can be a head scratcher. Unless @Jake put it in the wrong creek. :slight_smile:

We live in Ky right in the middle between Lexington and Cincinnati and one time a package arrived in Lexington, went by us to Cincy and then was delivered to us. :smile:


It is coming from Missouri, by the way :wink:


What?! Well slap my face.


The General Store, where most all my shipments come out of now, is at Jake’s place in Washburn, MO.


I’ll have to look that up. When I take my daughter out to MO for her work at Wonderland Camp I can stop by and see the operation. Do they do tours? Get a “I took the BanjoBenClark store tour and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” shirt.


No t-shirts, but you can have an educational tour of our logistics operation


No rocks? Must not have paid for the extra shipping.


@Jake Would it be redundant to say you sound like dan tyminski? Bet you get that all the time.


Outta my way, BOX!

If anybody can tell me what movie that line was from, I’ll give them five Banjo Ben virtual pick points.


Jingle All The Way


Was that @Jake in this movie?


Good one. I still want the “Get outta here, Box!” BBC t shirts made. I’m telling you @BanjoBen I’d buy one.


Congratulations Steve! You are now the lucky winner of 5 Banjo Ben VIRTUAL pick points. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!


Of course as a disclaimer, I must add that I have absolutely no authority to do anything. :roll_eyes:

Gotta love Sinbad.


AWESOME. I will pretend to use them next time I buy from the General Store . Thanks Jack !!!


Cool! You’re gonna save a ton of money!