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Using Ver. 8.1 with TablEdit - but can't hear anything. No midi Driver


Do any of you know how to get a clean and free midi player? TablEdit doesn’t work because the midi out isn’t finding anything.

Maybe someone has had luck with getting TablEdit to produce sound - when it doesn’t?

I had the same issue a while back but can’t for the life of me remember how I fixed it. I do remember restarting my computer several times and also uninstalled and reinstalled the free version of TablEdit. Sorry that I’m no help, my memory is good it’s just short…

Thanks bcaves… but keep trying to remember.

As for my situation… I think it has something to do with the fact that Win 8.1 has no midi mapper… and this is complicating the whole thing. Seems older versions had it - but this version doesn’t.

I did try to download… and am running the software in DEMO mode. Does that have something to do with it…?? I wonder…

I will say this… it works fine on my iPad.

Hi Will Are you using Windows 8.1 ?

There a software patch I needed to install but I cant for the life of me remember if it was for TablEdit or Audacty It’s called LAME for Windows. Best check with the guys over on the TablEdit User Group forum on Yahoo. If you don’t have a Yahoo account you will need to create one to access the forum.

Hi Will

Also checkout the Banjo Hangout TablEdit forum.

LAME ws needed for Audacity for me…

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I solved the issue. Everything works… so thanks to everyone.

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Thanks Dave, I had sound issues with both and I couldn’t remember which one needed LAME. It’s an age thing, memory is going to pot since I turned 16

Just so you guys and the rest of everyone knows… in MY case… I think it was just some issue with my driver - all along. I did not get Lame… and while I did get Audacity, I didn’t really do anything with it.

I have a HP Computer… and it was when I investigated the fact that the software - Beats Audio (came with computer) was not working for a simple speaker test (even though my speakers work just fine)… this lead me down the path to go out and get drivers.

I think that did the trick - and I share with everyone so hopefully, it helps others - just as you awesome guys reached out to help me.

The people on this site are a cut of a different - and very fine quality - cloth!

Thanks guys!