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Using an outside teacher with BB material

I have a buddy that teaches guitar lessons, and I signed up to take a 4 lesson block from him, to maybe get some hands on help with technique. He started me with learning a Western Swing lick, but I think I’d rather have him help me out within the context of BB’s lessons. How would I go about doing that without a laptop to take into the lesson with me? Anyone have any experience with trying to incorporate a local teacher into the BB material?

Many thanks!

And BTW: is the Help Forum the right place for this topic??


This is a fine place for the subject, but more people may red it under Gen Chitchat.

Can you print PDFs/tab?
Local libraries usually can & possibly some office stores

Keep in mind that by asking this, you are ignoring what you’re teacher may have to offer in the context of music. Technique can be learned on any song/tune.



Thanks, Fiddlewood!

First, he’s fine with teaching me specific materials that I bring in; in fact, that was his first question: did I want to bring in stuff I wanted to learn to play, or should he supply me, based on my interests? So I think he’s okay, either way.

And hmmmm: I have rather an aversion to tabs unless absolutely necessary. I’d rather go by ear any day, it’s so much quicker. But if that’s the only way, that’s the only way, I reckon. Maybe I can take the lessons in on my phone . . …

Maybe I’ll go ahead and post this on general chit-chat, too.

Thanks again!


Moved this thread to #general-chit-chat for you :slight_smile:

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Do you have a smart phone? If so, just visit the site on it while you’re in the lesson.

To be honest, though, Ben makes needing a separate instructor almost unnecessary unless you’re trying to learn something specific not already on this site.

Even if you need guidance with a particular issue, you can upload a video here and get plenty of help.


For the record, I approve of you taking my materials in and combining with a local teacher, @thehappyhalls. @Archie, I appreciate you looking out for me. I would find offense if a teacher used my materials to teach a bunch of their own students, even though I have approved that usage in certain instances.

I really do not like getting upset about anything, and it’s just about true that any publicity is good publicity, but of course there are those who abuse resources. @thehappyhalls is using the resources in a great way!


Thanks, Ben, and I totally agree with Archie, I would never use it for that purpose, only to get an experienced teacher to inspect me for mechanical mistakes in the context of the BB lesson. Sometimes eyes on in real time can save a feller some time and grief.

Thanks to all!