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Useful Unexpected Knowledge in 2018?

What was the most useful unexpected knowledge you gleaned from Banjo Ben’s forum in 2018? I’m not talking about the stuff you’d expect to learn here. I’m asking about unexpected knowledge.

For me, it was the tip from Archie about cleaning my banjo head using an eraser. I finally got that chili stain cleaned up. Having a chili stain on your banjo can be embarrassing because in some people’s view it shows a lack of personal control or sloppy eating habits. That is why knowing how to clean it up is such useful unexpected knowledge. Thanks Archie!


I’d probably say whoever it was that lead me to the drum dial info. My banjos have never sounded so good.


Mark Rocka is a better video editor than the local news folks.

I am just putting that info in my back pocket for potential future use.

On the music side… a simple thing, but something fundamental: The E5 shape that Tony Wray uses.


For me it was the insight to allow some time to let the brain and fingers digest the things I am trying to play. I struggled last nite @ 60bpm and got to 92 bpm today after sleeping on it. The video feedback has also been a great motivator.


Sometimes learning a whole new tune in one go can be pretty overwhelming particularly when the tune is from the intermediate or advanced level. Breaking up the tune into smaller segments and working on the difficult parts over a number of days or weeks makes the task more manageable.

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A few years ago I discovered pipe cleaning wire is really useful for cleaning in and around all the nooks and crannies of the tension hooks on a banjo. Ask @Jake @BanjoBen if they stock these in the General Store