Use Video Swap WITHOUT YouTube


I wouldn’t mind to share a video with the community here but don’t particularly want to post to YouTube.

Any ideas?


When you upload to YouTube, you can choose to post it privately. Only someone with a link can view it. Then you post that link here. That’s how I’ve done mine.


Thanks so much! I still would prefer another way but will probably need to settle for this option - but thanks so much


You can also post a small video directly. Like Wendell, I use the private post on youTube and it works great. People can’t get to it without a direct link.


The video upload feature is mainly designed for Ben to help people out with issues. It’s not intended for uploading full songs at the moment. Maybe some day.

If YouTube isn’t the way to go for you, you might want to upload your video to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or a DropBox account, share the upload and then post the link here.

There are a ton of other public sharing sites, too, but most of the free ones are loaded with ads.