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US Navy Band Jingle Bells

Wow! Our military can really play bluegrass!! Check this out!


Man that’s good stuff!

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I love this version! I wanted to post it but I have it downloaded and it would be hard. I’m glad you shared it. This is my favorite version of both songs!


@MicahE628 that is absolutely cool. I do remember reading some time back, that the Navy band was looking for a banjo player.

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These guys are great, and Keith is a fine banjo picker for sure! He retired not too long ago.

A couple fun facts. Bill Emerson, who was a founding member of the Country Gentlemen and the Navy Bluegrass Band “Country Current”, is a regular customer of my General Store (and just a super guy).

Fun fact #2…I wonder where Country Current got their idea for Dueling Jingle Bells?


Go Jake!