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Upright Bass Lick

Can anyone help with the TAB for Uncle Jakes Upright Bass Lick at 2.03

basically straight up the G scale with a C# added in.

Didn’t hear him play a note on the last strum but you could add in an open G on the first string (G) for a final note.

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Thanks Dave that’s a great help. All I got to do now is figure out how to emulate the slaps to help out with the timing :heart_eyes:

brushed snare if available maybe, or a low EQed wood block?

That last note looks like an open G. Watch his hand open up on that last note.

yes, as I explained. you can’t hear it but you could play it.

I didn’t think it was necessary to include it in my example, as it’s simply an open G during the last strum, following the high G which I’m sure Archie can handle tabbing.

Hi Guys

So this is what I came up with. It doesn’t sound 100% but it’s close. G B C C# up octave D Eb E G any suggestions as to how I might improve it welcomed

Bass Run2.pdf (8.9 KB)

I’d suggest if you want exactly what he did it would go D, E, F#, high G, then G open first sting (octave lower) for last note during strum.

notice that the D E F# G is all within the G scale…

the next suggested alternate, if you wanted to end up on the high G for the finish strum note, would be to go chromatic on the last 4 notes. as in… D, E, F, F#, G , but the F# may sound out of place beijing that long of a note.

try this maybe…

Thanks Dave I’ll give all the options a try.