Upgraded to the RK-36


Hello everyone Just wanted to share my excitement about getting the RK-36 ordered last Thurs. Jake say’s there should be some new ones coming in next week. I can’t wait. Started playing in March of 2016. My first banjo was an Epiphone from a mail order music store and came in a cardboard box seperate from the hard case. Got my feet wet on bridge placement real fast. Thank heavens for You Tube. Well I wore the second and third frets down just from the G lick alone and I was pressing down too hard on the strings like Ben talk about in one of his lessons. I’m So glad Jake is setting up my banjo and putting in the spikes. And thanks to Ben Clark for shooting my education fast forward your style of teaching is an inspiration. Thank you all.


Congratulations, Roger! You’re gonna LOVE it! Ben sold me a beauty and a great deal and Jake set me up perfect. I have nothing to really compare, since just a month before I bought a used Harmony Marquis aluminum pot banjo from a friend… but she’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see pics and hear her sing!


I am very happy for you as my dreams of getting a Resonator… continues…

For my learning… my ole trusty friend, the Epiphone MB-100… which I got at Guitar Center… but also came in one of those cardboard boxes before they set it up… but I digress…

My ole Hollowback friend is far more capable than her owner/player is. I still have much to learn before “moving up”.

In the mean time, some Eastman F-Style Mando - perhaps already made… has my name on it, even as we’ve not yet met. :smirk:

I have already spoken to Jake on my interest too…


Just got my RK-36 From @Jake yesterday. And @BanjoBen you are right about the feel and sound of a Corvette compared to my Epiphone MB 200 which is a fine instrument as far as intonation and action on the neck. But when you pick up a fine instrument right out of the case for the first time that new Corvette smell hits your nose and before you start playing you think this is going to sound great, and it does and you can’t stop playing it. @Jake does an excellent job setting up and fine tuning everything for you just the way you like it. My wife Alice is happy it weighs more than my old one, she say’s I could use the exercise. :thinking:


Congrats! Share a pic of your new beauty when you can! I’m just about to start practicing with mine.


Congrats-I am sooo happy for you.

It is a mighty fine feeling that I find genuine joy in every reported purchase across the Banjo Ben community of players.

It makes me even MORE excited that someday… my day will come to make my first instrument purchase… feeling the support of all you fine folks - behind me too!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us a place to dream and enjoy our interest - all together!

Don’t ever underestimate the positive, selfish and genuine interest you both take in us. It is as it we all have you guys as “big brothers” in our musical journey.




She’s a beaut! Best of luck with her, she’s bound to give you many years of grinnin!


Wow! Awesome


Might fine, congrats, and thank you so much for your support of the General Store, which helps put food in @Jake’s mouth…and it takes a lot.


Awesome! I never thought of marketing these as “Exercise Banjos” but there may be something to that. Glad you like it!


Congratulations! Always inspiring to acquire a new instrument.