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Upgraded Custom Recording King RK-R36!

This one is SOLD! Let us know if you’d like for us to build you a custom banjo like this.

Hey y’all,

You’ve gotta check out this hot rodded Recording King RK-R36 custom rig!

Some of the upgrades include:

  • Snuffy Smith JD Crowe model bridge

  • Engraved chrome-plated armrest

  • Straighline nickel tailpiece

  • 5-Star Tuners

  • Beautiful amber tuner buttons

  • 7-ply RKL hard case

  • Custom setup, including 5th string spike installment

  • Free shipping to lower 48!

    This banjo with upgrades is worth over $1,600, but you can get it now for $1,399, including shipping! Gold Pick members can take another $50 off that price. Let me know, or call Jake at 833-226-5623 (833-BANJOBEN)

Currently there is only one of these, though we are able to custom-upgrade a banjo for you, too!


The armrest and tuners look really nice.

What a beauty!